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Solothurner Filmtage

52st Solothurn Film Festival

The Solothurn Film Festival (19.-26.1.2017) is the biggest celebration of Swiss film. The festival showcases a representative selection of Swiss feature, documentary and short films. The film industry discusses the films that have been screened, and Swiss film culture in general, in a series of round tables and panel events. Candidates for the “Swiss Film Award” will be announced on “Nominations Night”, 25 January 2017.

Solothurn Film Festival

Hackdays 2017

SRG and Swisscom are organising joint hackdays on 2/3 February 2017. The topic of this year's event is "The media consumption of the future". We will be hacking for two days at two locations.


Annual Report 2015

News and current affairs, films, music, sport and entertainment – bringing Switzerland and the world home to you for 85 years.   

Annual Report 2015

Facts and Figures 2015/2016

SRG SSR Broadcast

We produce and broadcast programmes and have a complex infrastructure in place. On you will find information on our station frequencies and on our various broadcast media.



SRG and Culture

We bring traditions and customs into your homes: We broadcast music festivals on the radio and operas on TV and promote Swissmade films. 

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Podcast neu

SRG radio/TV podcasts

Would you like an overview of SRG podcasts? Just click here to access available radio and TV podcasts for news and current affairs, sport, the arts and light entertainment.

Radio/audio podcasts


SRG Metro

Metro takes you on a tour of SRG. Station by station, you can find out more about SRG's mandate, its strategy and how it is implemented on a day-to-day basis.

SRG Metro

Video Wirtschaftlichkeit

SRG and Efficiency

Households with radios and televisions pay 462 francs per year. That's 1 franc 30 cents per day. For this sum, we offer information, culture, sport and entertainment through all our media in four languages.

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SRG and Sport

People are fascinated by sport, it's a chance to share experiences and it improves solidarity. For 7000 hours per year, we report on more than 60 types of sport on TV, radio and the internet.

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Qualitaet 01

SRG and Quality

Quality can only be achieved if the programme-makers critically discuss what they're doing – if they constantly search for new and better solutions and carefully examine their programmes.

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Expo neu

Storia SSR 1983–2011

The third volume on the history of SRG SSR over the past three decades brings the trilogy to a close.

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  • Podcasts
    SRG's radio and TV podcasts at a glance
  • Licence fees
    FAQs regarding the radio and TV licence fees
    SRG's enterprise structure at a glance
  • Storia SSR
    The history of SRG from 1931 to 2011